About The Artist

Who is this lady? Well... let me share the interesting stuff!

I've been harnessing my creativity ever since I can remember, I've been very lucky to be encouraged by those around me too. Coloring on walls, drawing all over the sidewalks, painting my arm (ha! just kidding it's actually a real tattoo now!) were my specialities and I haven't changed too many of those habits. 

Living in Chicago was a huge shift after growing up in Ohio, I never knew the possibilities there were available for artists and creative peeps! I'm so fortunate to share my studio space in my home with my pup and my man (they're the BEST roommates, let me tell ya!).

Recently, I've become a 200 RYT (registered yoga teacher) at my favorite local studio. It has really helped me grow in my work and I'm so thankful that my ideas are finally coming to life (or at least onto paper!). 

I'm extremely inspired by traveling, yogic philosophy and the ever amazing Art Nouveau era, SWOON

Oh, and coffee makes me crazy so I drink tea... and whiskey. (Not necessarily in that order.)